Israel's Economy

S&P, Moody's Confirm Israel Ratings

In separate reports issued in August, S&P and Moody's both affirmed their ratings for Israel. In explaining its decision to keep its 'A+/A-1' long- and short-term foreign and local currency sovereign credit rating,with an outlook of ‘stable,’ S&P cited “Israel's prosperous and diverse economy, strong external balance sheet, and flexible monetary framework.”

Similarly, Moody's reaffirmed its A1 rating, noting Israel’s “durable economy and robust institutions, which have enabled the country to successfully weather global and domestic shocks as well as geopolitical challenges with limited disruption to its economic stability.”

Moody’s added, “Furthermore, Israel can also depend upon financial support from the global Jewish community, mainly via the Israel Bonds* program, and the U.S. government, especially in an emergency.”

Read the S&P report and the Moody's report.

S&P Highlights Israel's "Diversified Economy"

In an opinion issued in February 2016, Standard & Poor’s*: stated,“We expect the Israeli economy to weather potential volatility in the global economy and international financial market, thanks to its diversified economy, strong external position, and flexible monetary framework.” 

OECD Cites Israel's Consistent GDP Growth

In its 2016 economic survey of Israel, the OECD reports, “Thanks to prudent monetary, financial and fiscal policies, growth has exceeded most other OECD countries’ rates for more than a decade. Employment is rising, inflation is low, the external surplus is comfortable, and the public finances are in relatively good shape.” 

"An Attractive Global Investment Target"

An article in the December 11 issue of Global Finance declared, "Israel remains one of the world’s leading technology and innovation hubs and an attractive global investment target, supported by prudent fiscal and monetary policies and a favorable macroeconomic environment."

Debt-to-GDP Ratio Continues to Fall

Israel’s Finance Ministry announced the nation’s debt-to-GDP ratio – one of the most significant indicators of a nation’s economic well-being – dropped a “stunning” 64.9 percent last year. According to Israeli business site Globes, “The 2015 figures establish Israel as a country that has managed to lower its debt ratio more than any other Western country since 2008.”

Israel's Economy is an "Incredible Example"

In a November 2015 essay, American Enterprise Institute research fellow Alex Brill wrote, “The Israeli economy remains an incredible example of a developed country’s ability to achieve sustained economic growth."

Moody's Praises Israel's Economic Policy

A Moody's* report issued in October 2015 observed, “Israel rebounded from the global financial and economic crisis quickly thanks to timely fiscal and monetary policy responses.” 

Fitch Cites "Active Bond Program"

Fitch* highlighted the Israel Bonds enterprise in an October 2015 report that noted, “Financing flexibility is high, with deep and liquid local markets, access to international capital markets and an active diaspora bond program and US government guarantees in the event of market disruption.” 

Impressive Growth

Since 2001, Israel's economy has grown 1,000 percent.


(*Israel bonds are not rated)